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Participant Form

To request full participant status, please fill in the form below and click the submit button at the bottom.  You will be notified by e-mail when the form has been submitted.  Due to the confidential nature of our referrals, we reserve the right to revoke Full Participant status at any time.

Participant must be employed/affiliated with one of the following:

  1. Registered research facility (hold “R” classification (USDA), have filed with OPRR);
  2. Federal institution or government agency,
  3. Domestic Zoological park (Class “C” USDA exhibitor, is a member of AZA and/or participates in an SSP or ISIS program for nonhuman primates (must specify which) and qualifies to hold nonhuman primates under CDC Foreign Quarantine Regulations : open a minimum of 5 days/week with regular hours.)

All USDA-APHIS classifications are defined in “Licensing & Registration- Animal Welfare Act”.

Exhibitors that hold a USDA Class “C” are not qualified as a zoological park solely on the basis of the “C” registration. A zoological park as defined by the PRRS must not hold a class “B”, and must be a member of the AZA and/or participate in a Species Survival Program and/or have their primate holdings listed with ISIS and participate in ISIS programs. They must also be qualified as legal holders of nonhuman primates under all CDC Foreign Quarantine regulations.

FULL PARTICIPANTS: will receive FREE SUBSCRIPTION and can publish advertisements in the newsletter. They also can utilize the PRRS referral service.

Business address only–bulletins will not be mailed to home address.


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