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PRRS Website Security Information

A Web Server SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a Web site to visiting browsers and encrypts information for the server via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Encryption is the process of scrambling data into an undecipherable format — ciphertext —, which can only be returned to a readable format with the proper decryption key. The WaNPRC  Web Server Certificates use 256-bit encryption. A certificate serves as an electronic “passport” that establishes an online entity’s credentials when doing business on the Web. When an Internet user attempts to send confidential information to a Web server, the user’s browser will access the server’s digital certificate and establish a secure connection.The Primate Resource Referral Service Website is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.  SSL is the standard for creating a secure, encrypted link between a Web server and a browser. SSL thus ensures safe passage of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, user names, etc. The Starfield Secure Site Seal serves to prove that the Web site has passed Starfield Technologies’ authentication process and that a Starfield Web Server SSL Certificate is being used to secure transactions on the site.