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Family Cheirogaleidae (Drawf & Mouse Lemurs)

Subfamily Cheirogaleinae (Dwarf lemurs)

  • Microcebus: Mouse lemurs
  • Microcebus coquereli– Coquerel’s mouse lemur
  • Microcebus rufus– Brown mouse lemur
  • Microcebus murinus– Gray mouse lemur
  • Microcebus myoxinus– Pygmy mouse lemur
  • Cheirogaleus: Dwarf lemur
  • Cheirogaleus major– Greater dwarf lemur
  • Cheirogaleus medius– Fat-tailed dwarf lemur
  • Allocebus: Hairy-eared dwarf lemurs
  • Allocebus trichotis– Hairy-eared dwarf lemur

Subfamily Phanerinae (Fork-crowned lemurs)

  • Phaner: Fork-crowned lemurs
  • Phaner furcifer– Fork-crowned lemur

Family Lemuridae (True Lemurs)

  • Lemur: Ring-tailed lemurs
  • Lemur catta– Ring-tailed lemur
  • Eulemur: Brown lemurs
  • Eulemur coronatus– Crowned lemur
  • Eulemur fulvus– Brown lemur
  • Eulemur macaco– Black lemur
  • Eulemur macaco flavifrons– Blue-eyed/Sclater’s black lemur
  • Eulemur mongoz– Mongoose lemur
  • Eulemur rubriventer– Red-bellied lemur
  • Hapalemur: Gentle lemurs
  • Hapalemur aureus– Golden bamboo lemur
  • Hapalemur griseus– Bamboo lemur
  • Hapalemur simus– Greater bamboo lemur
  • Varecia: Ruffed lemurs
  • Varecia variegata– Ruffed lemur
  • Varecia variegata rubra– Red ruffed lemur

Family Megaladapidae

  • Lepilemur: Sportive lemurs
  • Lepilemur dorsalis– Grey-backed sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur edwardsi– Milne-Edwards’ sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur leucopus– White-footed sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur microdon– Small-toothed sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur mustelinus– Weasel sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur ruficaudatus– Red-tailed sportive lemur
  • Lepilemur septentrionalis– Northern sportive lemur

Family Indriidae (Lemurs, Sifakas & Indris)

  • Avahi :Woolly lemur
  • Avahi laniger– Woolly lemur
  • Propithecus: Sifakas
  • Propithecus diadema– Diademed sifaka
  • Propithecus tattersalli– Golden-crowned sifaka
  • Propithecus verreauxi– Verreaux’s sifaka
  • Indri: Indri
  • Indri indri– Indri

Family Daubentoniidae (Aye-aye)

  • Daubentonia: Aye-aye
  • Daubentonia madagascariensis– Aye-aye

Family Loridae (LORISES)

  • Loris: Slender lorises
  • Loris tardigradus– Slender loris
  • Nycticebus: Slow lorises
  • Nycticebus coucang– Slow loris
  • Nycticebus pygmaeus– Pygmy slow loris
  • Perodicticus: Potto
  • Perodicticus potto– Potto
  • Arctocebus: Angwantibos
  • Arctocebus aureus– Golden Angwantibo
  • Arctocebus calabarensis– Angwantibo

Family Galagonidae (Galagos, Bushbabies)

  • Galago: Lesser bushbabies
  • Galago alleni– Allen’s squirrel galago
  • Galago gallarum– Somali galago
  • Galago matschiei– Spectacled galago
  • Galago moholi– South African galago
  • Galago senegalensis– Senegal galago
  • Otolemur: Greater galagos
  • Otolemur crassicaudatus– Greater galago
  • Otolemur garnettii– Small-eared galago
  • Euoticus: Needle-clawed bushbabies
  • Galago elegantulus– Southern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galago inustus– Eastern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galago pallidus– Northern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galagoides: Dwarf bushbabies
  • Galagoides demidoff– Demidoff’s bushbaby/Dwarf galago
  • Galagoides thomasi– Thomas’ bushbaby
  • Galagoides zanzibaricus– Zanzibar bushbaby

Family Tarsiidae (Tarsiers)

  • Tarsius: Tarsiers
  • Tarsius bancanus– Western tarsier
  • Tarsius dianae– Diana tarsier
  • Tarsius pumilus– Pygmy tarsier
  • Tarsius spectrum– Spectral tarsier
  • Tarsius syrichta– Philippine tarsier
  • Otolemur: Greater galagos
  • Otolemur crassicaudatus– Greater galago
  • Otolemur garnettii– Small-eared galago
  • Euoticus: Needle-clawed bushbabies
  • Galago elegantulus– Southern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galago inustus– Eastern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galago pallidus– Northern needle-clawed bushbaby
  • Galagoides: Dwarf bushbabies
  • Galagoides demidoff– Demidoff’s bushbaby/Dwarf galago
  • Galagoides thomasi– Thomas’ bushbaby
  • Galagoides zanzibaricus– Zanzibar bushbaby



Family Callitrichidae (Marmosets & Tamarins)

  • Callithrix: True marmosets
  • Callithrix argentata– Silvery marmoset
  • Callithrix aurita– White-eared marmoset
  • Callithrix chrysoleuca– Golden-white Tassel-ear marmoset
  • Callithrix flaviceps– Buffy-headed marmoset
  • Callithrix geoffroyi– Geoffroy’s marmoset
  • Callithrix humeralifer– Tassel-eared marmoset
  • Callithrix jacchus– Common / White-tufted-ear marmoset
  • Callithrix kuhlii– Weid’s black-tufted-ear marmoset
  • Callithrix mauesi– Rio Maues marmoset
  • Callithrix penicillata– Black-pencilled marmoset
  • Callithrix pygmaea– Pygmy marmoset
  • Saguinus: Tamarins
  • Saguinus bicolor– Brazilian bare-faced tamarin
  • Saguinus fuscicollis– Saddlebacked tamarin
  • Saguinus geoffroyi– Geoffroy’s tamarin
  • Saguinus graellsi– Graells’ tamarin
  • Saguinus imperator– Emperor tamarin
  • Saguinus inustus– Mottle-faced tamarin
  • Saguinus labiatus– White-lipped tamarin
  • Saguinus leucopus– White-footed tamarin
  • Saguinus martinsi– Martins’ tamarin
  • Saguinus midas– Golden-handed tamarin
  • Saguinus mystax– Moustached tamarin
  • Saguinus nigricollis– Black mantled tamarin
  • Saguinus oedipus– Cotton-top tamarin
  • Saguinus tamarin– Negro tamarin
  • Saguinus tripartitus– Golden-mantled tamarin
  • Leontopithecus: Lion tamarins
  • Leontopithecus caissara– Black-faced lion tamarin
  • Leontopithecus chrysomela– Golden-headed lion tamarin
  • Leontopithecus chrysopygus– Golden-rumped lion tamarin
  • Leontopithecus rosalia– Golden lion tamarin
  • Callimico: Callimicos
  • Callimico goeldii– Goeldi’s monkey

Family Cebidae

Subfamily Cebinae (Capuchins)

  • Cebus: Capuchins
  • Cebus albifrons– White-fronted capuchin
  • Cebus apella– Brown / Tufted capuchin
  • Cebus capucinus– White-faced capuchin
  • Cebus nigrivittatus– Weeping capuchin
  • Cebus olivaceus– Wedge-capped capuchin

Subfamily Aotinae (Owl / Night monkeys)

  • Aotus: Owl / Night monkeys
  • Aotus azarae– Southern/Azara’s owl monkey
  • Aotus brumbacki– Brown/Brumback’s owl monkey
  • Aotus hershkovitzi– Hershkovitz’s owl monkey
  • Aotus infulatus– Feline owl monkey
  • Aotus lemurinus griseimembra– Lemurine owl monkey
  • Aotus miconax– Andean owl monkey
  • Aotus nancymaae– Peruvian red-necked / Nancy Ma’s owl monkey
  • Aotus nigriceps– Black-headed owl monkey
  • Aotus trivirgatus– Northern owl monkey
  • Aotus vociferans– Noisy/Spix’s owl monkey

Subfamily Callicebinae (Titi monkeys)

  • Callicebus: Titi monkeys
  • Callicebus brunneus– Brown titi
  • Callicebus calligatus– Booted titi
  • Callicebus cinerascens– Ashy titi
  • Callicebus cupreus– Coppery titi
  • Callicebus donacophilus– Bolivian titi
  • Callicebus dubius– Dubius titi
  • Callicebus hoffmannsi– Hoffmann’s titi
  • Callicebus modestus– Modest titi
  • Callicebus moloch– Dusky titi
  • Callicebus oenanthe– Andean titi
  • Callicebus olallae– Olalla’s titi
  • Callicebus personatus– Masked titi
  • Callicebus torquatus– Yellow-handed titi

Subfamily Saimirinae (Squirrel monkeys)

  • Saimiri: Squirrel monkeys
  • Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis– Bolivian squirrel monkey
  • Saimiri boliviensis peruviensis– Peruvian squirrel monkey
  • Saimiri oerstedii– Central American squirrel monkey
  • Saimiri sciureus– Common/South American squirrel monkey
  • Samiri ustus– Bare-eared squirrel monkey
  • Saimiri vanzolinii– Black squirrel monkey

Subfamily Pithecinae (Sakis & Uakaris)

  • Pithecia: Sakis
  • Pithecia albicans– White saki
  • Pithecia auequatorialis– Equatorial / Red-bearded saki
  • Pithecia irrorata– Bald-faced saki
  • Pithecia monachus– Monk saki
  • Pithecia pithecia– White-faced Saki
  • Cacajao: Uakaris
  • Cacajao calvus– Bald / Red uakari
  • Cacajao melanocephalus– Black-headed uakari
  • Chiropotes: Sakis
  • Chiropotes albinasus– White-nosed saki
  • Chiropotes satanas– Brown-bearded saki

Subfamily Alouattinae (Howler monkeys)

  • Alouatta: Howler monkeys
  • Alouatta belzebul– Devil / Red-handed howler
  • Alouatta coibensis– Coiba Island Howler
  • Alouatta caraya– Black howler
  • Alouatta fusca– Brown howler
  • Alouatta palliata– Mantled howler
  • Alouatta pigra– Guatemalan black howler
  • Alouatta sara– Bolivian red howler
  • Alouatta seniculus– Red howler
  • Alouatta villosa/palliata– Mantled howler

Subfamily Atelinae (Spider monkeys, Woolly monkeys)

  • Ateles: Spider monkeys
  • Ateles belzebuth– White-bellied spider monkey
  • Ateles chamek– Peruvian spider monkey
  • Ateles fusciceps– Brown-headed spider monkey
  • Ateles geoffroyi– Central American spider monkey
  • Ateles marginatusi– White-whiskered spider monkey
  • Ateles paniscus– Black spider monkey
  • Brachyteles: Woolly spider monkeys
  • Brachyteles arachnoides– Muriqui
  • Lagothrix: Woolly monkeys
  • Lagothrix flavicauda– Yellow-tailed woolley monkey
  • Lagothrix lagotricha– Common / Humboldt’s woolley monkey



Family Cercopithecidae

Subfamily Cercopithecinae (Macaques, Baboons, Vervets)

  • Macaca: Macaques
  • Macaca arctoides– Stump-tailed macaque
  • Macaca assamensis– Assam macaque
  • Macaca cyclopis– Taiwan macaque
  • Macaca fascicularis– Long-tailed / Crab-eating / Cynomolgus macaque
  • Macaca fuscata– Japanese Snow macaque
  • Macaca maura– Moor macaque
  • Macaca mulatta– Rhesus macaque
  • Macaca nemestrina– Pigtail macaque
  • Macaca nemestrina leonina– Northern Pig-tailed Macaque
  • Macaca nigra– Black Crested/Celebes crested macaque
  • Macaca ochreata– Booted macaque
  • Macaca radiata– Bonnet macaque
  • Macaca silenus– Liontail macaque
  • Macaca sinica– Toque macaque
  • Macaca sylvanus– Barbary macaque
  • Macaca thibetana– Tibetan stump-tailed / Pere David’s macaque
  • Macaca tonkeana– Tonkean macaque
  • Cheirogaleus: Dwarf lemur
  • Cheirogaleus major– Greater dwarf lemur
  • Cheirogaleus medius– Fat-tailed dwarf lemur
  • Lophocebus: Crested mangabeys
  • Lagothrix flavicauda– Yellow-tailed woolley monkey
  • Lophocebus albigena– White-cheeked mangabey
  • Cercocebus :White-eyelid mangabeys
  • Cercocebus agilis– Tana River mangabey
  • Cercocebus aterrimus– Black mangabey
  • Cercocebus atys– Sooty mangabey
  • Cercocebus galeritus– Tana River mangabey
  • Cercocebus torquatus– White-collared mangabey
  • Papio: Baboons
  • Papio anubis– Olive baboon
  • Papio cynocephalus– Yellow / Savanna baboon
  • Papio hamadryas– Hamadryas / Sacred baboon
  • Papio papio– Guinea / Red baboon
  • Papio ursinus– Chacma baboon
  • Mandrillus: Drills, Mandrills
  • Mandrillus leucophaeus– Drill
  • Mandrillus sphinx– Mandrill
  • Theropithecus: Geladas
  • Theropithecus gelada– Gelada
  • Miopithecus: Talapoin
  • Miopithecus talapoin– Southern Talapoin
  • Cercopithecus: Guenons
  • Cercopithecus albogularis– Sykes’ monkey
  • Cercopithecus ascanius– Black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
  • Cercopithecus campbelli– Campbell’s monkey
  • Cercopithecus cephus– Moustached monkey
  • Cercopithecus denti– Dent’s Mona Monkey
  • Cercopithecus diana– Diana monkey
  • Cercopithecus doggetti– Silver monkey
  • Cercopithecus dryas– Dryas monkey
  • Cercopithecus erythrogaster– Red-bellied monkey
  • Cercopithecus erythrotis– Red-eared monkey
  • Cercopithecus hamlyni– Hamlyn’s monkey
  • Cercopithecus kandti– Golden monkey
  • Cercopithecus lhoesti– L’Hoest’s monkey
  • Cercopithecus mitis– Blue monkey
  • Cercopithecus mona– Mona monkey
  • Cercopithecus neglectus– De Brazza’s Monkey
  • Cercopithecus nictitans– Greater spot-nosed guenon
  • Cercopithecus petaurista– Lesser spot-nosed guenon
  • Cercopithecus pogonias– Crowned guenon
  • Cercopithecus preussi– Preuss’s monkey
  • Cercopithecus pygerythrus– Red-rumped monkey
  • Cercopithecus roloway– Roloway monkey
  • Cercopithecus sabaeus– Green monkey
  • Cercopithecus salongo– Zaire Diana monkey
  • Cercopithecus sclateri– Sclater’s guenon
  • Cercopithecus solatus– Sun-tailed monkey
  • Cercopithecus talapoin– Talapoin monkey
  • Cercopithecus tantalus– Tantalus monkey
  • Cercopithecus wolfi– Wolf’s monkey
  • Allenopithecus: Allen’s swamp monkeys
  • Allenopithecus nigroviridis– Allen’s swamp monkey
  • Chlorocebus: Vervet monkeys
  • Chlorocebus aethiops– African green monkey / Vervet monkey
  • Erythrocebus: Patas monkey
  • Erythrocebus patas– Patas / Soldier monkey

Subfamily Colobinae (Leaf monkeys, Colobid monkeys)

  • Colobus: Colobus monkeys
  • Colobus angolensis– Angolan colobus
  • Colobus badius– Red colobus
  • Colobus guereza– Guereza
  • Colobus kirkii– Kirk’s colobus
  • Colobus pennantii– Pennant’s red colobus
  • Colobus polykomos– King colobus
  • Colobus preussi– Preusss’ red colobus
  • Colobus rufomitratus– Bay colobus
  • Colobus satanas– Black colobus
  • Procolobus: Colobus monkey
  • Procolobus verus– Olive colobus
  • Procolobus badius– Western red colobus
  • Procolobus pennantii– Pennant’s red colobus
  • Procolobus preussi– Preuss’s red colobus
  • Procolobus rufomitratus– Tana River red colobus
  • Pygathrix: Douc langurs, snub-nosed monkeys
  • Pygathrix avunculus– Tonkin snub-nosed monkey
  • Pygathrix bieti– Black snub-nosed monkey
  • Pygathrix brelichi– Brelich’s snub-nosed monkey
  • Pygathrix nemaeus– Red-Shanked Douc langur
  • Pygathrix roxellana– Golden snub-nosed monkey
  • Nasalis: Proboscis monkeys, snub-nosed langurs
  • Nasalis concolor– Pig-tailed langur
  • Nasalis larvatus– Proboscis monkey
  • Presbytis: Crested leaf monkeys
  • Presbytis comata– Grizzled leaf monkey
  • Presbytis femoralis– Banded leaf monkey
  • Presbytis frontata– White-fronted leaf monkey
  • Presbytis hosei– Gray leaf monkey
  • Presbytis melalophos– Mitred leaf monkey
  • Presbytis potenziani– Mentawai leaf monkey
  • Presbytis rubicunda– Red leaf monkey
  • Presbytis senex– Purple-faced leaf monkey
  • Presbytis thomasi– North Sumatran leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus: Dusky leaf monkeys, Lutungs
  • Trachypithecus auratus– Javan langur
  • Trachypithecus cristatus– Silvered leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus francoisi– Francois monkey
  • Trachypithecus geei– Golden leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus johnii– Nilgiri langur
  • Trachypithecus obscurus– Dusky leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus phayrei– Phayre’s leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus pileatus– Capped leaf monkey
  • Trachypithecus vetulus– Purple-faced Langur
  • Semnopithecus: Sacred langurs
  • Semnopithecus entellus– Hanuman langur



Family Hylobatidae (Small Apes)

  • Hylobates
  • Hylobates agilis– Agile gibbon
  • Hylobates concolor– Crested / White-cheeked gibbon
  • Hylobates hoolock– Hoolock gibbon
  • Hylobates klossii– Kloss’s gibbon
  • Hylobates lar– White-handed / Common gibbon
  • Hylobates moloch– Silvery gibbon
  • Hylobates muelleri– Borneo gibbon
  • Hylobates pileatus– Pileated gibbon
  • Hylobates syndactylus– Siamang

Family Hominidae (Great Apes & Humans)

  • Pongo: Orangutan
  • Pongo pygmaeus– Orangutan
  • Gorilla: Gorilla
  • Gorilla gorilla– Gorilla
  • Pan :Chimpanzee
  • Pan paniscus– Pygmy chimpanzee (Bonobo)
  • Pan troglodytes– Chimpanzee
  • Homo: Human
  • Homo sapiens– Human


In the past, tree shrews (Tupaia sp.) have been grouped with the order Primates. They are now placed in their own order, Scandentia.